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spray type deaerator

Alternative And Economical Installation To Tray Type Deaerators

The alternative is a simple, hassle free and quiet design built for continuous loads. The spray type deaerator is an economical alternative to using the standard tray type deaerator. All incoming water that is un-deaerated enters the deaerator through stainless steel and spring loaded valves. These valves produce fine sprays in uniform patterns that range from five percent to 200 percent of its design intention. 

Fine droplets of water maximize surface areas in contact with steam. This raises temperatures within a few degrees of its saturation temperature. Through this increase in temperature, a majority of corrosive and non-condensable gases are released. Preheated and partially deaerated water is channeled through a collection basin. This occurs through a second stage de-oxygenating process. During this second stage, the hottest and purest steam vigorously scrubs all water. It heats water to a saturation temperature and strips out the last traces of dissolved gases. 

Steam flows upwards into a stainless steel vent condensing area. Here the steam is condensed. Here gases are released into the atmosphere. At the same time, all deaerated water drops into a storage area. A number of features inform the economical use of the spray type deaerator. It is cheaper than the tray type deaerator. It is more cost effective and sustainable, taking up a smaller foot print and plan area.

spray type deaerator

Spray type deaerators have the capacity to handle anything from 260,000 parts per hour to 800,000 parts per hour. Spray type deaerating installation options take care of accessory packaging and piping. The engineering processes of the deaerator is governed by a Heat Exchange Institute design. The use of spray type deaerators suits those packaging, processing and manufacturing businesses that continue to manage heavy volumes on a regular basis.